Major Industrial Projects & References
Over our long history, McCartin McAuliffe has built many of the Midwest's manufacturing plants. The following is a sample of some of our recent major projects. They are companies with which we have an established relationship, and they represent a wide variety of industries and project sizes.
Refineries & Petrochemical Plants
Replace Amine Piping Mobil Oil Co. $13 million
CP-4 Project, New Refinery Shell, Huntington, West Virginia $13 million
Pipe Fabrication & Installation Fluor Constructors / BP Amoco $1 million
Crude Unit Fire Rebuild (piping work only) Fluor Maintenance Svcs. / CITGO Petroleum, Lemont, Illinois $9 million
(labor only)
Chemical Plants
Maintenance Blanket Albright Wilson $750,000
Musk-T Expansion Takasago $2 million
Maintenance Rhodia Inc. $500,000
Steel Industry
I/N Tek Mech. Pkg. Rolling Mill Inland/Nippon $8 million
#4 BOF Inland Steel $2.2 million
Walking Beam Furnace - Mech. Inland Steel $2.5 million
I/N Kote-Mech. For New Rolling Mill Inland/Nippon $13 million
12" Bar Mill Mech. Pkg. Inland Steel $2.5 million
Tonn & Blank Pferrox Expansion ISK $1.8 million
Power & CoGeneration
Misc. Mechanical Projects Illinois Power Co. $5.2 billion
Renssalaer CoGen Facility 89 MW LG&E / Power Systems, Rensselaer, New York $5.5 million
Maintenance NIPSCO, Schahfer Station $3.6 million
Boiler Trim Piping Foster Wheeler, Robbins Resource $1.8 million
Complete HRSG Piping, Assist in Start-Up & Commissioning Fluor Constructors / Whiting Clean Energy / BP Amoco $5 million
Gas Transmission
Units 7 & 8 Praxair $1.3 million
UCC Expansion Mech. Pkg. Praxair $1 million
Unipol Line #6 Project Union Carbide Bechtel, Equistar $5.2 million
T-142 Plant Pipe Fabrication Praxair $2.8 million
Misc. Maintenance / Engineering Work BASF $1.5 million
Maintenance Blanket Praxair, Inc. $2 million
HIPS #3 Expansion BASF $13 million
Food-Processing, Pharmaceutical, & Edible Oils
Lever 2000 Mechanical Lever Bros. $5.7 million
Esterification Project John Brown, NutraSweet Co. $1.6 million
Plant Maintenance Contract Takasago $1 million
Maintenance Projects Lever Bros. $1 million
DFA Demo Project Unilever HPC USA $1 million
24-Hour Maintenance Cerestar USA, Inc. $1 million

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